Contesting in BBMP Ward: Hebbala-21

Educational qualification: Post Graduation in Sociology

Inequity and lack of equal opportunities for all sections of society pushed me into the world of social activism. The NGO sector in general, and the rights campaigns and social movements in particular, provided me space for social activism. When I started working for consumer and citizens rights, I was also exposed to other issues.

Later, I got involved in campaigns on environmental issues and for the rights of dalits, adivasis, women, farmers, small farmers, landless labourers and beedi workers. In the process, I worked on issues of transparent governance, people's right to Information, seed bill, water policy, electoral reforms, etc. I soon realized that many critical decisions are made by the legislative bodies.

I got out of the NGO sector and started working independently, exploring alternatives to governance with friends. Alternative politics is one of these alternatives. Over the past 2 years, alternative politics has taken root through political discussions, consultations and debates. Six months ago, we decided to enter politics fully.

Soon after, BBMP elections were announced. This offers us a good opportunity to get direct experience in electoral politics. I would like to contest and win BBMP elections and use the power with responsibility and accountability for the overall development of Bangalore City. With people's participation, I want to make sure every citizen has an equal share in development. Particularly in Hebbala Ward, I would work for equitable distribution of water, sanitation in true sense, rainwater harvesting, waste management, and meeting the basic needs of the urban poor.

I appeal to all citizens to support my candidature in the BBMP elections for the overall development of Bangalore City and to extend their financial support to the election campaign. The people who want to purchase your votes will make money at your cost.

Support me in BBMP elections. Give me your vote and Rs. 1 towards my election campaign expenses.

Mobile: 92421 39948
Email: anilderick@gmail.com