Contesting in BBMP Ward: Okalipuram-96

Educational qualification: SSLC

I have been a part of various social movements fighting for the rights of dalits, minorities, sexual minorities, sexworkers and women. At present, I am the vice-president of Karnataka Sex Workers Union and for two years, I have also been the Treasurer of Samara, a sexual minority organization.

I quit my job as the program coordinator (chief functionary of advocacy) in Samara 3 months ago and started working full-time with poor people in Okalipuram Ward, fighting for their rights and entitlements. Having lived all my life in a slum in Okalipuram ward, I have in depth understanding of the challenges faced by the poor. At present, I am busy contesting BBMP elections and will continue to fight for people's rights in future.

I respect the Indian constitution and have full faith in constitutional democracy. I am fighting against buying votes through money, liquor and bribes. I am spreading awareness about people's rights and appealing to people not to sell their vote for money and liquor. I am encouraging them to assert their rights. 'If you sell your vote today, The elected corporator will only make money later.' If I get elected as your corporator, I will work with integrity. In case, I lose in the election, I will still work with you with the same integrity.

If I get elected, I will hold monthly meetings of citizens every month to look at the problems faced by the people, share information about the facilities provided by the BBMP, people's rights and entitlements, address basic needs of people and address issues/ problems through discussions. I will make information about the monthly fund sanctions and utilization by the BBMP public and transparent. I will use my position in the BBMP council meetings to make sure that BBMP addresses and people's problems/issues in the ward.

I will also spread awareness about citizen rights through these meetings. These meetings will be used to make all BBMP works transparent and accountable.

I believe in electing, not nominating, members for ward committees. Elections to the ward committee is central to democracy. I will raise issues of citizen entitlements in the BBMP council and push for addressing them. I would focus on improvement of facilities in slums, development of women and children. I will work for the social, economic, educational, cultural development of people in our ward. I would work to make sure that all sections of society live with equality, peace and progress.

Mobile:96638 49692