The role of pro-people thinkers:

There are many individuals, groups, associations, organizations, movements, alliances that are working for an equal and just society. They form what can be called the progressive forces. They hold diverse views on the issue of elections. Two views predominate. For some full participation in the electoral process means a compromise with the system and an acceptance of a myth that this participation would usher in social change. They also hold that that this would be giving credence to a system where the corruption is deep-rooted and that the participation in the process will make people corrupt.

The other view opines that the need of the hour is to accept the governance based on constitutional democracy, participate in it, set right the faults, and work to bring in progressive change in stages. In spite of this latter view, in the last few decades, there are no examples where the progressive forces have consolidated their power and have effectively participated in elections. This lack of coming together may be attributed as the ¿people¿s verdict in a transition period¿. However we are of the opinion that continuing this line of thinking is not healthy. Thus, we are convinced that there is an urgent need for all of us to join forces, consolidate our energies and draw the complete support of all progressive groups to intervene in forthcoming BBMP elections.

Our Values:

Individual freedoms, respecting diversity, equality, non-violence, space for difference of opinions and sustainable development.